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Deer Calls & Scents

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450 RUT Master - This hand crafted maple and walnut deer call has been made to imitate the various sounds of the whitetail.  It's versatile enough to make not only the sounds of the buck, but also that of the doe and fawn.  Different pitches can be made by detaching the barrel off and adjusting the "O" ring up and down.  Fawn bleats, doe bawls, trail grunts, tending grunts and rutting grunts can all be made with this call.
Item No. 450  Add to Cart  $12.95
500 Slide & Grunt - This deer call allows you to go from grunts to bleats with the push of a giner.  To adjust simply push the brass slide up for Fawn Bleats, halfway down for Doe Bawls, completely down for Buck Grunts.  A must for the serious Whitetail hunter.
Item No. 500  Add to Cart  $14.95
502 Golden Heat - This estrous urine is 100% pure.  Each bottle is enhanced with extra estrogen giving our urine even more sexual stimulant.  If you hunt big whitetails, this urine is a must.
Item No. 502  Add to Cart  $9.99
501 Top Secret - This earth scented spray kills bacteria and other germs that produce human odor.  Spray liberally over body concentrating on head, arm pits, shoes, and buttocks.
Item No. 501  Add to Cart  $5.99